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Main Fields of Activity

On Completion of his studies the polytechnic graduate is able to :

  • Assist the engineer to plan and install energy units,
  • Supervise the operation of energy production and distribution facilities and guarantee the safety of men and equipment.
  • Manage the maintenance and repair of engines, electric machines and other equipment,

Specifically concerning the :

Generation and distribution of electric energy like

  • Hydro-electric power stations including water-turbines, generators, control systems etc.
  • Thermal power stations (mainly steam-turbines and diesel-generators)
  • Standby power supplies for industrial and commercial enterprises,
  • High voltage substations
  • Energy distribution system

Production, distribution & supply of steam and hot-water e.g

  • Furnace with solid, liquid and gaseous fuels,
  • Stem-boiler and hot-water units,
  • Piping systems including fittings and control systems.

Production and supply of compressed air, cooling-water, electricity etc.

Compressors, ventilators, pumps etc.


Some Examples of Job Opportunities

Example 1 : Hydroelectric Powerstation

Function : Manager of a Smaller Powerstation

Main Tasks :

  • Supervise the efficient and save operation of waterturbines, generators, measuring units, control systems etc,
  • Plan and supervise the maintenance,
  • Analyse troubles or breakdowns and arrange repairs,
  • Procure spareparts,
  • Guide his subordinates,
  • Supervise the efficiency in all domains.

Example 2 : Energy supply in a process engineering plant (e.g. chemical, textile, paper, or food industry)

Function : head of the energy supply systems

Main tasks :

  • Supervise the efficiency and safe operation of the following facilities : Furnace with solid, liquid and gaseous fuels, Steam-boiler, hot-water, compressed air and cooling-water units as well as, fresh water supply, ventilators and dryers, Piping systems including fittings, valves, Power supply and electric machines, Measuring and control systems, Purification plant.
  • Plan and supervise the maintenance of above equipment
  • Analyse troubles or breakdowns and arrange repairs
  • Procure spare parts
  • Supervise the installation of new equipment
  • Guide his subordinates


Example 3 : engineering Consultant Office

Function : technical employee in the energy domain

Main tasks :

  • Contribute to the projecting and construction of energy units (e.g. diesel-electric power plants, solar and wind energy systems, small substations including transformers and energy distribution systems for electricity, gas, fuel, water etc.) for private and state enterprises
  • Consult industry in energy questions and work out proposals to improve the efficiency of energy-use in existing industrial plants (or ships, airports etc.) in economical and the technical respects,
  • Evaluate offers and communication with suppliers
  • Supervise the delivery and the installation of equipment,
  • Put into operation all facilities and carry out acceptance tests

Specific Tasks

During the course of studies the following specific abilities will be developed, so that on completion of the training the graduate is qualified to the following work:

Organization and Management

  • Tackle all posed problems systematically and solve them efficiently
  • Plan assignment of his subordinates
  • Calculate and control costs and establish budgets.
  • Ensure the efficient use of materials.
  • Keep data logs and write letters, reports etc.
  • Plan, orgainse and coordinate routine maintenance and overhaul work in power stations or other energy systems in industry or buildings
  • Order spare parts and organize their storage.
  • Plan and organize waste treatment (e.g. recycling, disposal etc.)


  • Supervise and direct work
  • Motivate and guide his his subordinates
  • Instruct his subordinates in how to execute work and check if it is done correctly
  • Implement and supervise safety and supervise safety and protection measures for men and equipment.


  • Cooperate with others and accept the instructions given by his superior
  • Hold meetings, write reports, memorandums, telewes etc.
  • Absorb and transmit information (e.g. refer independently to material specifications, technical books etc)
  • Read and interpret operating manulas and engineering drawings
  • Make sketches of machine-parts according to ISO standards


  • Analyse a situation by applying basic experimental and measuring skills

Carry out fault diagnosis, analyse the damages, organize the repairs