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Politeknik Negeri Medan is located in the North Sumatra University campus area, so it has a very high academic atmosphere. Equipped with various facilities ranging from laboratories, workshops, sports fields, places of worship, halls, IT Center, Cafeteria, to a large parking area. All of this is prepared so that students get their own experience when attending education at the Politeknik Negeri Medan.

The laboratories in the Politeknik Negeri Medan Environment help students to better understand the software and hardware used in the industrial world. This gives students experience so that when students enter the world of work they have no difficulty understanding the equipment used.

Some of the laboratories in the Politeknik Negeri Medan environment:

  • Laboratorium Komputer disetiap Jurusan
  • Laboratorium Teknik Sipil
  • Laboratorium Teknik Mesin
  • Laboratorium Welding (ATB)
  • Laboratorium Teknik Konversi Energi
  • Laboratorium CNC dan CAD/ CAM
  • Laboratorium Teknik Listrik
  • Laboratorium Terpadu Kontrol Elektronika Daya
  • Laboratorium Elektronika
  • Laboratorium Teknik Telekomunikasi
  • Laboratorium Bank Mini
  • Laboratorium Bahasa
  • Laboratorium Manajemen Informatika
  • Laboratorium Teknik Komputer

Workshops or workshops provide opportunities for students to develop skills that are in accordance with the field they are engaged in. Workshops or workshops provide an opportunity for each individual to improve their skills to be able to compete in the industrial world.

Workshop (Workshop) in the Politeknik Negeri Medan Environment consists of:

  • Workshop/ Bengkel Teknik Sipil
  • Workshop/ Bengkel Teknik Mesin
  • Workshop/ Bengkel Teknik Listrik
  • Workshop/ Bengkel Teknik Elektronika
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